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Hi all:

First post - I don't own a Rav4 .. rather, my senior-citizen mother does, on my recommend to buy the vehicle.

As she doesn't even listen to the radio, in-vehicle, she elected to just go with the basic package as far as interior tech went for the CDN market 2015 model.

However, 10 months, 4,500km, 1 pedestrian almost reversed over, and now a garage door punched in while in reverse later... a lack of a camera based rear-view system wasn't such a hot idea in retrospect. It's apparent that for her, that the rear view of the vehicle is less than optimal, as compared to her previous Hyundai Tiberon.

I own a Tacoma - as such, some of the wiring is already in place for a rear view camera - even the base model. It also appears that some of that same wiring may also be in place for the Rav4.

Has anyone already done a rear-view mirror retrofit, with a camera?

Any tips, or advice to retrofit her vehicle? As she doesn't use the radio setup as it is - it's not really in the cards to go to the expense of upgrading that to a multimedia deck. I would be open to looking at a RAM mounted additional screen monitor, if a rear-view mirror isn't available, or ideal.. I would be doing the retrofit for her, with an intermediate level of mechanical/electrical competence.

Thanks for any advice, in advance.
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