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Hi everyone, thought I would post a recent problem and fix that I have been experiencing in my new 2015 Rav4. I had a horrible rattle coming from the rear passenger side cargo area at speeds from 45 and up. Took the jack out, dynamatted under the spare tire area, even had my daughter hop in the back for a ride to try to pin point the cause. Ended up taking it into the dealer (Titus Will Toyota). Road with the tech and 6 hours later, found out they put an insulation kit in the cargo area including rear air vents. Unfortunately it did nothing but to quiet down the rear road noise alittle. Drove on the highway & still the persistent rattle. So this last Sunday prior to the Seahawks game I took everything out of the cargo area (Jack, Spare tire, Styrofoam, Jack tools) & had my brother drive the rav while I laid down in the cargo area. Turned out to be one of the small metal tie downs on the wheel well. There is a plastic cover that hides the bolt and it warped or was broken. I ended up just ripping it off and the sound is gone. I have to give credit to the dealer for trying but I am almost embarrassed it was something so simple. Silence is golden!!!!!!
Had the same problem on my 2014 XLE. After trying everything posted I had the dealer look at it. They lined the plastic panels in the hatch area with felt. Noise is gone. Cost $311, but well worth it. Like a new car now.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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