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My AC / Heater blower seems to be in need of replacement, with a constant knocking sound. (It's possible it just needs to be cleaned, I suppose.) In any case, I have had no luck tracking down a straight forward process to remove the blower and motor. In earlier year Rav4 models it is three bolts from below the dash and it drops out. Youtube and Google searches on this subject for the 2016 model have revealed only one source - the Toyota mainentance manual. This wonder of incomprehensible cross-references implies that the entire upper and lower dash need to be removed, as well as the AC unit and the housing for the cabin air filter. Only then can I access the blower.

I would like to think that I could do this replacement myself, but based on this complicated answer I'm pretty sure the blower with continue making noise until it dies, as I'm not willing to take the dash apart, nor mechanic rates to have it done.

Has anyone got experience with fixing the blower on the 2016? I would love to hear that I have this all wrong.

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Seems like a young car to need a replacement. My first step would be to remove the blower and check for debris, etc.
Have you actually looked under the dash to see if it isn't the three-bolt drop-it-out method?
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