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Hai guys,

My name is Thomas from chicago and I'm new to the forum.
I'm look to buy the new 2016 se trim I test drove a white with black and orange looking interior. I saw the one with black interior too.
I am looking one with Nav
What's the best price I can get. I am hoping I could get at least 10 % off Msrp.
I need Suggestion between fwd vs awd.
Never had rav before I heard complaints about poor ride quality in older models.
I like the se model.
I saw local dealer having 1.9%
I am looking into 0% Internet
How soon that's will happen.
Thanks for all the inputs in advance.


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Hello guys
Can someone gave me some inputs.
Why don't you ask your questions in the 4.4 General forum. A lot of members never look at the Member Introductions forum.
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