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My Rav4 has 9,700 miles on it. The issue seems to be these two things...not sure if related.

At about 6,000 miles, I noticed that when I put my car in gear and creep forward or backwards, very slowly, I hear a noise coming from my brakes/tires that sounds like a squeak. As I increase the speed that I creep forward or back, the noise increases in pitch. It's almost as if a rock or some other sort of debris is in the pad. I've had it to the dealer since the noise started, had tire rotation, inspection, noise still present.

At about 8,000 miles, I noticed that as I slowed down (braking) and turned by car into my driveway, I hear a slight clunking noise coming from what sounds like the steering column. It's hard to say where exactly it's coming from. The noise reminds me of when CV joint is going bad, but that isn't the case since I had it in to the dealer and was told that the CV joints are fine - no damage. But consistently, when I brake and turn at lower speeds, I hear this clicking/clunking noise.

It seems to me that these noises are likely benign, and I am being overly paranoid but wanted to offer it up to the community for feedback. I'm going to the dealer again tonight to have a master technician do a ride along with me so he/she can offer their insight. I will report back!

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