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I just purchased a certified used 2017 Rav4 xle hybrid. The factory radio is acting oddly with my iPhone 10XR. Basically, if I have manually pause bluetooth audio or the CD,, any use of or activity on the radio will cause audio to go out of pause mode into "play" mode. For example:

*if I manually pause a CD or music stored on my phone while using the Waze app, the CD or phone music will start playing again when Waze gives voice directions.
*CD or phone music will shift out of manual pause mode and start playing if I touch the volume control or make a call on the phone.
*If i manually pause music then turn the car off, on restarting the car, the music will automatically play.

The dealer where I bought the car says two things: that the radio is designed to pause music if the radio receives an incoming call, gets a voice command thru apps such as Waze, etc. and to go out of pause (i.e., resume) when the call or voice command ends, and that the radio isn't smart enough to know the difference between an automatic pause (for incoming calls etc) and a manual pause. The dealer also said that this may in part be due to "buried" iPhone settings that may be difficult to change.

All this creates a bit of a nuisance because the music is always turning back on when I am not expecting it.

Anyone else experienced this? Is it a defect in my radio (in which case I should be able to get them to fix or replace), or a flaw in all 2017 era Rav4 factory radios (in which case I am stuck with it.) Any solutions?
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