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2018 RAV4 LE radiator FAN doesn't come on when overheats

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Hi guys, this is a continuation post from my previous one which i fixed my AC line so now the radiator fan will now come on when i turn on the AC. However, I've used my scan tools to check on the temperature of the car and when it reaches 215F and stay there for couple minutes the fan will still not come on if AC is off. I've heard the kick off temperature for the rav4 is 200F. I drove short distance trip only because i lived in the city and i definitely dont want to overheat my car so i turn it off after my previous t est. When i drive it in the road. i can feel the coolant temperature gauge will stay very steady in the middle position (a little pass the 2 section location) when i drive about 10-15 minutes. When i arrived home, the gauge still stays in the same position but the fan does not turn on. I then look at the relay but i dont know which relay i should be testing for the overheat situation. Please advise, thank you in advance
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts