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I'm getting confused a bit here.

I called a dealership with my VIN and was told this part:
2018-2020 Toyota Tire Pressure Monitoring System Sensor 42607-33050 | Camelback Toyota Parts

The tire shop can't find that sensor though for my 2019 with their machine. It does scan under a 2018 RAV4 though. All of the other tires sensors show up as this part:
2015-2019 Toyota Tire Pressure Monitoring System Sensor 42607-06030 | Camelback Toyota Parts

They have already installed the sensor and both state they are for a 2019 RAV4. The top one is Made in Japan and the bottom one is Made in Canada.

My RAV4 was Made in Japan so I'm at a loss as to what to try besides taking it into a dealership to see what they say.

Any thoughts?
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