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2022 Hybrid LTD Bezel for SS3 fog lights

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Good day to y'all,

First-time posting here. Have a 2022 Rav4 Hybrid Limited and learned to see that the LED fog light is housed in a bezel that is not conducive to the SS3 replacement in the image below. The question is - where can a guy get that bezel for housing the upgraded SS3? I tried searching the forum already and can't find any direct links to this so far... any input is greatly appreciated.

this looks similar to OEM

this is what I am after!
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Yea i just grabbed photos from google for this - its the Bezel itself, realizing that the LTD model uses a different light for the fog light systems.
It sounds like you've got the newer style fog lamps, which have a little square-ish bezel around them and are smaller in diameter than the older style. These newer style look like so:

If so, you will want the older-style fog lamp trim, which is what's in your top image above. Assuming you have the correct brackets with your SS3s, they will fit in the older-style bezels just fine, though a small amount of the lens around the perimeter is covered up:

When I installed my SS3s, I got the bezels off eBay and was able to find them on there pretty cheap.
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Either one of those ought to work. The first one comes with wiring, a relay, and a switch which you'll need anyway for the SS3s, though who knows what kind of quality it is or how much you might need to adapt it to work with the SS3s (like whether it's got OEM fog lamp connectors on it that the SS3 adapters can connect to, or something different).
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