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2023 Hybrid XLE Premium Lunar Rock

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I just picked it up on Sat. It was an effort to find one. The Cincinnati area dealers didn't have any, and some would not even order since their waiting list was already a year long. I ended up emailing dozens of dealerships. The only ones that had anything wanted over MSRP - no way. But after a few days a dealer in West Virginia emailed back and said a customer backed out on one, and it just happened to be the trim level I was looking for and they were selling at MSRP with no additional BS tacked on. So we drove 4 hours and brought it home. So far so good. Love it.

Like everyone else I got one key and fob with the second key only - no fob. I guess I'll just have to be careful.

And like a lot of folks, no way I'm waiting until 10k miles for the first oil change. I'll change it a 1500-2000 and then again at 5k.

California, KY

2023 Rav4 Hybrid
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Funny. In every car forum there is always the debate of doing an early oil change on a new car or not, and what interval to use going forward. I don't want to start that endless debate here. I just like being a little paranoid and doing some early oil changes. If it is a waste of money, so be it. It's not much and I enjoy working on cars. It's probably not as important as it was when I was young, but what the hell, it can't hurt.
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