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Hello all. Been lurking for a number of months and finally decided to join - mostly prompted by my experience with my 5 month old XLE.

At 8500 km I found a leak beneath the car, that has subsequently been diagnosed by the dealer as a main seal leak of the front transaxle (output side).

Most frustrating is that 72 before I found the leak, the Rav4 was in for Service 1, and was given an 'all good' by the dealer. A few days later, like many new owners of these modern Toyota engines, I did my first oil change. The moment I got under the car I noticed streaks of fluid on the underside of the oil filter/drain plug panel. After a quick inspection I determined that neither the drain plug nor the filter were the source of the leak.

As frustrating as it is to have a new Toyota with this sort of problem, more frustrating is the fact that having paid for Toyota's ESP, the technician/s who had the car on the hoist three days earlier did not have the presence of mind to raise a red flag when streaks of fluid were clearly present (on a new car). Imagine the mess and mechanical problems that could have been present if I did not change my oil when I did, and had waited another 8 thousand km to go in for Service 2 (which as you already know is the first oil change). Needless to say, the service work to repair the leak is being done by another dealer.

Curious, has anyone else experienced this sort of issue on a new Toyota?
What about dealing with incompetence at some dealer service centres?

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There is a Toyota Tech Tip that may apply:

Have your dealer investigate that possibility before you tear into the car.
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