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Good morning all.

Anyone have any experience utilizing the INNOVA® 3100 OBD Code Reader?

The 3100 is designed for vehicles produced after 1996 and newer cars & trucks that are OBD II compliant. It is not compatible with vehicles using the CAN protocol (pre 1995?).

A description of its features and a list of vehicles not compatible with the 3100 can be accessed at:

Another nice feature at this site is that you can access a database of the description/definitions of the diaignostic codes. That feature can be accessed at:

Understand that this service can be obtained for free at some auto parts stores but from a convenience perspective it sure would be nice to have one accessible at home. A few of my neighbors are getting together and planning to buy this as “community property” to mitigate the cost. Retail price varies between 109.00 ~ 149.00 dollars.

Have a great weekend.

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