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Hi all,
Just finished replacing my power steering pump on my '98 Rav4 so I thought I'd do a quick summary of what it took to do the job (relatively) painlessly
1. Put the front end up on jack stands
2. Remove both front wheels
3. Remove RH and LH engine covers
4. Disconnect the stabilizer bar link on both sides (NOTE: do not take the stabilizer bar out of the car, it is very difficult to reinstall and it doesn't get in the way of the repair)
5. There are two brackets holding the steering rack on to the suspension crossmember (one on each side right behind the steering gear I believe). Remove the two bolts holding each bracket on.
6. Remove both front suspension arms
7. Remove front suspension crossmember
8. Remove the bolt that adjusts the tension of the power steering belt
9. Remove the alternator and power steering belts
10. Pull the vacuum lines off of the pump (they are the two small tubes hooked up at the bottom)
11. Remove the low pressure line on the pump by removing the clamp and shimmying it off. (If this doesn't work you can cut it, go back later and cut the damaged section off and still have justttt enough length to make it work) (Have that catch can ready!)
12. Unbolt the high pressure line. It should be on top of the pump, so you may have to pull the pump down a few inches before you do this. (NOTE: Save the pieces that come off the old pump because you don't know if new pieces will come with the new pump)
13. Without much resistance, the pump should come down. I found it easiest to remove it by dropping it in between the power steering gear assembly and (what I think is the) CV axle boot.
14. Transfer all the parts over to the new pump! (If needed, I have torque specs)
15. Follow the steps in reverse to reinstall :p

All said and done it took me about 8 hours because I wasn't familiar with the underside of my Rav and I made some mistakes. If I had to do it again it would probably take about 3-4 hours.

I followed the shop manual pretty closely, but it had me do a lot of unnecessary things like remove the exhaust pipe that just take up time. The steps above are pretty much the minimum that you have to do to get the job done right.

Finally, I recommend replacing the high and low pressure lines when you do this job because you'll never have such easy access to them.

If you have questions or need diagrams of anything I mentioned let me know!
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