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Here's an update from my 5/6/13 post:

My wife and I went to the dealership on Friday, 5/24, and purchased a Black on black Rav4 XLE with window tint and Toyoguard, and a Camry Hybrid LE in Cosmic Grey Mica with tint and Toyoguard. I must say that these are two absolutely beautiful cars.

After 2 full days of owning the car, here's my quick review:

Cons-The cons are pretty much the same as I mentioned before, Back seat is very tight in the middle. No auto lights, No way to open the trunk from inside the vehicle, or from a key(unless you purchase the top of the line trim), and yes kind of pricey. However, I also don't like that it is the first vehicle that I've ever owned that doesn't come with a valet key.

Pros- This is why I'm in love with this car! It looks absolutely great. Unlike some people and reviewers, I actually like the interior look, especially considering that this is not a luxury vehicle. It offers most of the standard features that I would want in a car, minus the things that I mentioned above. The driving experience for me has been near perfect. It's just a smooth quiet ride for me, in both highway and city driving, breaks very well, and handles very well on turns.

So far, I'm very happy about our purchases, and I hope that this vehicle lasts a long time. :thumbs_up:
161 - 172 of 172 Posts