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Toyota RAV 4 2013. This was my first and last Toyota! Not buying this junk anymore. Also, the bad customer experinec by both Toyota Canada and Chomedey Toyota. For those living in Montreal region, do not deal with Chomdey Toyota at all costs. They are RUDE and ARROGANT. Especially this one guy.

April 26 2013, I purchased a Toyota RAV4 from Chomedey Toyota.

Approximately 6 months after the “standard” warranty period expired of 3 years, the Front Drivers door lock actuator failed. This was replaced at my cost at a "good will deal" at $500.00. A few weeks later, the passenger Front door lock actuator failed. This again was replaced at my cost for a good will "deal", at $300.0 after a lot of arguing with the dealer and Toyota Canada. At that time, it was then discovered that both the rear door lock actuators had failed, days apart from each other. This was again replaced at my cost again at a good will deal of another $300.00. These repairs were needed urgently as they posed a safety risk to my family during the times the locks were not working (including the impossibility of activating the child safety locks). Despite the obvious fact that these failures are clearly a result of a DEFECT (4 door lock actuators failed months after warranty on a car that has only 40 000 KM), I still had to replace all the door lock actuators at a cost to myself and therefore Toyota Canada and Chomedey Toyota refuses to conform the product to its express warranty under the law (Quebec Consumer Protection)

Long story short, I have sent them a demand letter asking for the total cost back and will pursue small claims court if they fail to do so.

What a horrible experience.
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