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4th Gen RAV4 rear seat belt alarm fault

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Is anyone aware of a rear seat belt alarm fault on 4th gen models?

I've just replaced my 1 yr old Invincible 2.2 D manual with another brand new model because of a string of electrical faults!!!!

These faults began with an intermittent problem with the rear seat belt alarm that was being triggered when a passenger was sat in the rear even whilst wearing a seat belt.

This was followed shortly after by electric tailgate problems and volume up and down issues with the Stereo & SAT NAV system.

When the dealer couldn't rectify these we traded the car in for a brand new model identical in every way.....and now just 2 months in we are encountering the rear seat belt alarm problem all over again....grrrrr!

Does anyone know of any other 4th Gen owners that are having similar issues??????