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Howdy everyone,

I've been looking to minimize body roll on my 97 Rav4 2wd 4-door. Was thinking about getting shorter stiffer springs from another vehicle, but didn't want to sacrifice the ride height (or ride quality, if I can help it - we've got some poorly paved around here). I've been seeing quite a few posts here about installing a rear sway bar. Could somebody answer a few questions about this?

- Where can I find a rear sway bar? It wasn't an option from the factory, right? I saw several references to (which doesn't seem to exist anymore) and an Addco bar (which I can't find on their site). I think I saw that a 87-89 Celica bar will work as well. Does anyone know if that would be front or rear?

- How will the end links attach to my wheels? I don't recall an unused bung on the control arm. Maybe there's a bolt point on the hub mount?

- Lastly, what is the feasibility of finding a similarly sized bar at the junkyard and just modifying some end links to be the right length? Am I naive in thinking that could be done quite cheaply?

Thanks everyone!

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