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I recently purchased a '97 Rav which came with the factory roof rack. Unfortunately, I am told that it is missing the rubber spacers which go between the roof and the bottom of the rack "feet". I have two questions. First is there supposed to be a rubber spacer? Second, does anyone have any they would like to sell or know where I might be able to find them. Thank you very much.

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I ran across your year old post during a search. I hope you have resolved your need by now, but...

I have an extra set of spacer pads for the OEM roof rack. I just got a rack from a salvage yard, and it was missing the little metal attachment clips. I ordered the OEM attachment set PN 00444-42965-AS - it came with the clips I need and a set of the rubber spacer pads. The kit was $50.

If you still need the pads let me know, and I'll make you a heck of a deal.

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