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I've tried numerous fixes for my Rav4. It started out of nowhere one day. Was sputtering so much when idling and when cruising with my foot off the pedal that I though it was going to stall. Check engine codes said it was multiple cylinder misfires.

I changed the spark plugs which helped a bit. So I took it to Toyota and they said that it was the coil packs or the one 02 sensor.

So I:
Changed the coil packs....helped more.
Changed the 02 sensor in the manifold...helped a little bit more.
I ran a bottle of Techron and a new tank of gas through...didn't help.

I called Toyota back and they suggested I clean the throttle body. Did that and it did not help.

So now I'm at a loss for what to do. I was wondering if maybe it is the fuel injector of fuel filter? I know a bit about cars but I really just learn as I go. Any help would be appreciated.

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