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Issue: My A/C is always cold (so assuming compressor is fine), but sometimes when I start the car the display cranks up but no air comes out. Sometimes I can hit a bump or do a tight turn and it kicks on. Other times, it's the same issue, but it's blowing at a speed of what would usually be maybe 3 bars on the display even though it's showing full bars (I live in TX, we always need full bars this time of year when the car starts!).

2015 XLE with the auto climate control. Switching to manual and cranking it makes no difference.

I've learned that if I give the wires going into the blower motor under the passenger dash a jiggle (or sometimes just reach over and give the dash underside itself a good whack when I'm too lazy to walk around the other side), it will often kick right back on. Thought it was maybe the resistor but then learned that the auto climate control model doesn't have a separate resistor. Seems logical it could be the Amplifier but then why would giving it a whack on the passenger side cause it to kick on when the Amplifier is on the driver side? Same thought if it's a fuse issue, although I admit I haven't tried replacing that yet.

Leaves me thinking maybe a short in the wiring somewhere, or I have to replace the full blower motor on that passenger side. Is my logic tracking here? Anything else I should try before I go off ripping up my dash and trying to replace the whole thing?
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