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Mensajero type post here 8) :

Cheap go fast tips :D (more of a debate first)

From Mustang site(1 & 2):
1. Alternator Cutout - An old drag racers trick is to put a switch on the alternator charging circuit to turn off the current right before a race. With no charging being done then electrical drag is reduced. Just don't forget you have it off at the end of the race or you won't have a charged battery. Expect about a 5 Hp gain. :!: :?:

2. Intake Heat Riser Crossover - The exhaust heat crossover through the head and intake is only needed if you are using a cast iron intake manifold. The crossover is there to heat the intake in cold weather so fuel will stay in suspension better. Since aluminum absorbs heat faster it is not necessary to have an auxiliary heat source like is needed cast iron. During warm weather the crossover is not needed, it just adds unnecessary heat to the intake charge. So for aluminum intakes, block the exhaust crossover to keep your manifold cooler and gain a little horsepower. :?:

3. Wrapping intake tube in DEI wrap :idea: it makes sense right? :roll:
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