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Lets see...
- First Post. Hello RAV4 World.
- First RAV4 I've ever owned. V6 Ltd., AWD. Finalized order a couple days ago. It arrives next week.
- First Toyota in fact.
- First Blue vehicle I've ever owned. Well, Nautical Blue anyway. I had a '94 Mustang that was what Ford called "Bimini Blue". I called it Smurf Blue.
- First 2006 RAV4 "V6" owner on my block. My neighbour picked up a 4 cyl a month ago and that is where this journey started. My other neighbour just got his new FJ Cruiser yesterday. There's a trend starting here.
- First Canadian poster today. Well, the first I saw anyway. I live in Alberta and make lots of trips to the mountains. I can't wait to see how the new ride handles winter... I'll be putting the heated leather to the test!
- First time moonroof AND DVD in the same vehicle. Its always been one or the other. We have a 2-year old so it was going to be DVD no matter what. The Moonroof is a bonus for mom & dad.
- First JBL sound system. The side curtain air bags were a must so we had to take the B-Package (really had to twist my rubber arm).

Anyway, I just wanted to introduce myself. I've been enjoying many of the topics in here and I don't even have the vehicle in my garage yet. When I actually do take possesion I'm sure I'll have lots of questions and comments.
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