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Just purchased my Rav4 last week, a 2014 XLE AWD in Silver. I got it for the reliability and utility with the cargo space. It's mainly a people mover, getting myself and SO back and forth. Occasionally I go up to camp, and that's about the limit of the off-roading I am allowed to do :laugh! Coming from a 2002 Ford Explorer Sport Trac and a 1997 Ford Windstar before that, it's a wicked upgrade, and the newest car I have ever owned.
Why I like the Rav4? Cargo space and AWD, two big things needed in Northern New England. I'm more of a fan of the Avalon, but the SO was never going to let me get it, so we compromised (read: got what she wanted), and went with the Rav. Eventually when this one is paid off (will not be the 66 months like they say), I will get either a Camry or Avalon for myself.

I've already posted a couple times, but I've got to say you all are a friendly bunch and I am glad to be able to join the ranks! :)
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