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Looking through the net regarding the 3SGE head. I found this article on the matching of these two cool setup. But it might be a little tricky, but not imposible.

Cylinder head differences.
Although the block appears identical, the bolt pattern is definitely the same, the heads have a different configuration. In the 3SFE, the combustion chamber is partially in the piston crown, whereas in the 3SGE, the pistons are flat topped with valve reliefs, and the combustion chamber is totally in the head. This would prevent the fitting of a 3SGE (higher flowing) head onto a 3SFE block, without changing the pistons. The compression ratio would be too low to be satisfactory, and would counteract any gains in flow. It is not known if a compression increase in a 3SFE could be achieved by using 3SGE pistons. The resulting compression gain might be too high to run on readily obtainable fuels. The piston pin fitting is different, also.
The cambelt crankshaft pulley tooth pitch has been checked and is the same on the 3SGE & 3SFE, but different on the 2s engine.
The 3SFE and 3SGE crank/rods are different, despite the same stroke. The 3SGE piston pins are fully floating, whereas the 3SFE are press fit.
The actual block on both engines appears to be identical, and therefore interchangeable.

Which means it would have too low of a Compression Ratio. But, if I install a turbo kit, would it work?

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That may be another question for someone like Toysport... :eek:
It may be possible but one thing to consider is oil passages... one way to look would be to compare headgaskets and see what kind of differences there are.... also alot of factors to consider such as rod stroke ratio, is there going to be piston to valve contact , depending on pistons used.... best thing to do is search and search and keep on searching... :p someone out there i'm sure has either tried it or done all the calculations, etc..etc... best bet is to contact Toysport or some Toyota performance shop that may know right away....

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I did, here is their answer:

Piston configuration is different between F and G heads
compression ratio will be unknown, potential valve interference
the timing components for the G head are different

.... lots of worms
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I have a 1997 Toyota RAV4 with the 3SFE engine. I have a 3SGE heads. Do I have to change the pistons and rods to be able to install it on my turbo 3SFE engine? What else do I have to do in order to make this work [if posible at all] I have the 3SFE engine stock. turbo is a Airesearch .42/.48 40 TRIM.

End of story. :?
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