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Today I pulled out my HID low beam kit after 3 years in service.
It is an Xtreme HID kit from Xenondepot.
It had served me well until the past couple of weeks, when one of the bulbs would flash off and back on intermittently whenever I went over a bump on the road.
I took apart all the connections and refitted them, to no avail. Yesterday I went through all the wiring, jiggling every part and connection while observing the bulb flickering occasionally. The problem appeared to be between the line fuse and the ballast. I wasn't going to put any more time or money into this kit, so I removed it and put the stock 9005 halogen bulbs back in.

Here's where I ran into my problem and hence the tip.
The large black plastic cover which protects and waterproofs the bulb housing was an absolute beeyatch to remove. When I first installed the HID kit, it removed easily by hand. Today, it wouldn't budge by hand, and after many minutes of using a screwdriver and small hammer to loosen the cover I finally got it off. The problem I assume was the large rubber O-ring that seals the housing had baked onto the housing. The high heat from the HID bulb had literally heat welded the cover
to the base. On reinstalling the halogen bulb I smeared the O-ring with a liberal amount of silicone grease. The cover went on with ease and also released just as easily once it was lubed.

So, if you have HID's and have never touched them, I suggest you loosen the bulb cover, lube the O-ring, and reinstall before it bakes on permanently.

Also, I had to seal the holes in each cover I had drilled to pass through the connectors for each HID bulb. The holes I had drilled were about 1.25" in diameter. I just used several layers of 3M Scotch 33 electrical tape on each side of the covers to seal the holes.
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