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Just had the fronts clog and fill the driver's floor pan with water. Was able to clean them out with a piece of wire, water from a tank sprayer, and finally an air compressor.

However there are two more drains in the rear that I couldn't see an easy way to access. Does anyone here know how to access these rear drains for cleaning?

BTW, here is how to tear apart the front floor to dry it out.

1. Move the driver's seat all the way back.
2. Remove the floor mat.
3. Remove the plastic door sill.
4. Remove the kick panel /fuse box cover.
5. Undo the wire harness clips that hold the carpet in.
6. raise carpet & pull out the pad closest to the seat.
7. Remove one clip & remove white Styrofoam foot support.
8. Use a sponge to remove as much water as possible from the pan.
9. Put a 6" piece of wood under the carpet to hold it up to dry.
10. Drain & dry removed pieces.
11. Reassemble in reverse order.
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