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My much loved and neglected 2001 (79k) Rav4 took a hit in the front driver side wheel and was totaled out for $6k by Hartford. I kept the car for $1200 and now I find I need new tires (dry rot from too little use). In the meantime ... am I an idiot to throw in $1700 repairs plus now tires or should I have taken the $6k and looked elsewhere?

The car lacks power getting onto highways and in the Berkshires (small mountains in Mass) which worries me, and there's that odd fuel smell that came back after I loaned it to a friend (after it starts then it goes away pretty fast, no always there).

$3k plus new tires for a low mileage RAV that's perfect for my needs seemed like a no brainer. I'd like a second and third opinion, and any suggestions.

Should I have moved on? Should I sell it to the mechanic if he'll take it for $1200 and the bill? Or put it on the market? Any thoughts?
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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