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2010 Base AWD RAV4
This takes some time to accomplish, but totally worth doing.

Plastic Panel Removal Tools
Wire crimper/stripper

Camera: $10-$100 (depends on brand and quality)
Wire connectors

1) Removal of the panels on the rear swing door. Start with the top panel, then the two sides, finally the large one on the bottom. The panel clips are indicated by the red circles.
20200301_170832.jpg 20200301_170826.jpg

2) You will need to unscrew the license plate then unclip the small plastic fasteners from inside the rear door. This will allow you access to the bottom panel. Install the camera where you would like on this panel.
I used the factory space by drilling out a small section to feed the wire through. Then I predrilled notches for the mounting screws.
20200301_170744.jpg 20200305_153924.jpg

3) Feed the wires through the back swing door. You must feed it through the rubber grommets. I finished feeding it by going under the panels along the passenger side of the vehicle.
20200301_181007.jpg 20200301_181002.jpg 20200305_162712.jpg

I will finish writing this over the weekend. PM for more details.

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Thanks for this post! I like this idea of using the factory camera blank piece as a mounting point for the aftermarket camera. Have you had any issues with water ingestion into the aftermarket camera? It looks like when water gets splashed onto the camera (rain, car wash, etc.), the water drips directly into where the wires exit the camera. I'm currently using a backup camera from Aliexpress that replaces the license plate light, but the camera is placed too far on the left side of the car.
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