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Hello Guys/Girls,

When I had my air filter replaced (the AC compressor went out and I had been planning to replace the filter myself but told the tech to go ahead as he wasn't charging me labor for that), I was busy for a long time afterwards and just recently looked inside the engine bay. All is well except that the air filter housing only has one clip. The other one broke off.

I've had the oil changed at Toyota twice since then and I don't know when it happened. I'm not worried about when it happened but about how to replace the clip. It seems its a part of the housing assembly and it's not necessary to replace it just to have two functioning clips.

Any of you have any suggestions? Homemade remedies? Should I use a clip like those that are used to keep large bundles of paper together for the purpose of replacing the other clip?

Or just leave it alone since it does stay closed even with one clip.

Any ideas or suggestions would be welcome and thanks!
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