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Hello everyone. I have the 2001 Rav4 and recently purchased the amp that requires 8 gauge wire to go through the firewall of the car. I looked at it breefly and could not find any rubber grommets or anything that looks like a hole. To get the wire across the firewall, do I need to drill the metal??? If that is the caes, where is the best place to drill the hole? Thank you for reading my post!!

I hope I can find some answers here!

Ken :D

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There are 2 rubber grommets located behind the right and left kick really have to go underneath to see it....

your best route would be the one on the right, the passenger side can take out the glove compartment and stick a light...then you will see the gromet....

the gromet has an extra slot that you need to cut at the tip then run your wire, just make sure to use a snake and maybe some lubricant to ease the entry...(did tht sound naughty?. :lol: ..sorry).

good luck!!!

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Thanks for the nice Naughty Instructions!! LOL!! :lol: But wow, I knew there was something underneath...There had to be!!

Anyways, hopefully this will ease the pain of installing the amp wires. Ahhh, it would be my weekend project. I hope the outside temperature is not going to be in the 20's......

I am glad that I got this knowledge. I was gonna just bust open the firewall with the drill :shock: LOL That does not seem to happen anymore!

Appreciate your help!!! thanks a million pyxy_567!!
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