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I started this head unit journey after inheriting my wife's 2008 100K Rav4. She always said the radio is fine but I want a backup camera. I made an attempt at this 5 years ago but wound up frying the little screen I bought by not using color coded wiring. But now my wife has claimed the new Accord V6 Touring I bought recently and so now the RAV4 is all mine! So I started looking at replacement head units and ran into this thread:

So cool, an android computer in the dash! After looking around I ordered the Bonroad for the JBL Rav4. Or so I thought.

Then once the HU arrived I naively removed the radio and grabbed the head unit to install and none of the plugs fit except one! Ouch. The guy supporting the sales of the head unit did not understand the JBL difference (neither did I!) and thought all that was needed was a different plug. In the end he and I both found out you need another component to make it work that handles the Toyota JBL interface.

I picked the one recommended by another memeber, the PAC TATO:

So then I went back to the Bonroad store but they could not come up with any useful wiring information. I am on my own! But then after reading helpful posts from other members I realized that the PAC TATO install is no big deal. Given that the Bonroad directly handles the steering wheel interface (the one plug that fits!) you only need to hook up 4 wires from the PAC TATO to install the Bonroad head unit.

If I had known that the Bonroad did not fit the JBL (nor do most other HU's that I found) I would have passed on replacing the head unit. But now that I am knee deep in this, it's kind of fun. As you can tell I am all thumbs with electronic wiring, but it it never too late to learn.

So I decided to write this thread from the perspective of a newbie to help others who might be afraid to jump in the deep end. The risk? Frying the Bonroad or the RAV4. More to come.
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