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With a bit of anxiety, I went ahead and ordered an android based aftermarket Headunit.
Also with a bit of anxiety, I got an Android unit, but instead of the Dasaita I got the Seicane, and it has been a massive disappointment:
  • Terrible fitment issues with the backing plastic piece that needs to be transferred from the OEM unit. You need to drill and trim some parts on the Seicane unit. Thankfully, no modifications to the OEM parts need to be made
  • The software is glitchy and crashes/restarts at least once a day, with luck.
  • Every time I turn the car on, the speedometer of the car (not the one on the unit) is switched to KPH. If I disconnect the CANBUS decoder this goes away, but it defeats the purpose since you lose steering wheel controls and reverse camera, and who knows what else.
  • When it is below freezing temperatures the unit enters into a bootloop until the cabin warms up.
All in all, a huge disappointment. I had a Eonon unit on my previous car and it was perfect, this Seicane is nothing more than a piece of crap.

Can you share with us if the Dasaita has the same issues as I described?


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With a bit of anxiety, I went ahead and ordered an android based aftermarket Headunit. #1 requirement was Android Auto and CarPlay. I did not care about wireless or not. I will always plug my handset in if it is being used by the HU. #2 Factory look with easy install. I also wanted a HU with more configure-ability and then all the usual stuff. Nothing extra special.
My Rav4 spec: 2019 XES Hybrid. Not JBL

I ordered the Dasaita 10.2 MAX6 for 2019 Rav4. Listed as: “Dasaita 10.2" IPS screen Android 9.0 Car Multimedia for Toyota RAV4 Radio 2018 2019 TDA7850 GPS Bluetooth HDMI Car Stereo MAX6”
With the option of “Build-in carplay”
From Aliexpress. Link: US $431.25 31% OFF|Dasaita 10.2
NOTE: to get the built-in carplay you pick the color option. Yes, I was suspicious but it all worked.
I had it shipped DHL and it arrived to the US - West Coast in 3 days. I was very surprised by this as Aliexpress said to allow 7 days before a shipping manifest would be created.
Package arrived in good order and the HU was well packed and in perfect shape.
View attachment 147205 View attachment 147206
Remove factory. Taking the factory HU out is quite easy. You will need some type of plastic prying tool, I used a bike tire lever. Here is the youtube vid reference (bolts are 10mm)
the vid glosses over pulling the trim. I just fitted the PLASTIC lever into the crack by pushing down the soft dash the poping it up around the edges. No issues no broken tabs.

Factory/New comparison
View attachment 147208

Make mounts. The Dasaita does not come with brackets. I knew this going in so no surprise. I think the reason is when you mount the trims all back in place it might hold fine. I wasn’t willing to risk this. I went to Lows and bought a wood construction bracket with 90deg bends in it, a pack of M4-.7pan head machine screws and 5 MM locking washers. Took some measurements of the factory HU and started cutting the bracket with my angle grinder.

NOTE my Dasaita had a bar code label over one of its mounting holes. When I pulled it back I noticed the screw depth was limited. So I cut that mounting screw to about 6mm and made sure it didn’t penetrate the chassis. This is my final bracket design.
View attachment 147209
View attachment 147210

Test fit: I wired up the factory harness to the supplied harness. Just a matter of elimination. Plugged it into the Dasaita and to my surprise, it all worked just as expected.
Prep for final install: You will need to take the trim piece off the back of the factory Hu. This is done by removing the 6 small screws on the backside. when the screws are out you will need to take the plastic tool and pry the radio from the trim. This will pop off just like the dash trim.

First, attach the homemade mounting brackets to the new HU. Then remove the little red clips left behind on the factory HU and put them on the new HU. You will then be able to slide the trim under the bracket and snap it into place. Pic shows the new HU brackets installed and the red clips transferred
View attachment 147211
Mounting the mic and GPS antenna. The Dasaita comes with its own. I considered trying to find harnesses to use the factory components but I decided I wasn't going to make this be a problem until I found it to be a problem. So far it's not a problem. I mounted the GPS antenna using the sticky tape to the underside of the dash just to the right of where the HU would be after it is inserted into the dash. It's fairly tight and I didn't want the HU to bump into it so its off to the side.

I mounted the mic on the black plastic of the front-facing camera trim. It's hardly noticeable and seems to be well-positioned for when I make phone calls.

NOTE: the mic cable is too short to route above the window so I purchased this extension from Amazon. 6’ was just right. I used a piece of wire to find a route down into the drivers side behind the dash and then over to the left side kick panel. I then routed the cable behind the weatherstrip then in the gap between the headliner and plastic pillar trim then along the headliner in front of the windshield. You can't see the cable until it pops out of the headliner to the mic position.
View attachment 147212

The new two extra USBs. I decided to replace the 12 volt plug in the cubby in front of the shifter with a Dual USB receptacle.

To access the cubby, use the pride tool and lift the shift trim from the front. This will unclip and uncover the underlapping cubby trey. You can then use the pride tool to work the cubby tray out. This was surprisingly easier than I thought it would be. Then just disconnect the harnesses. Getting the lighter plug out was a pain so I ended up cutting the two plastic clips that hold the plug in place with a razor knife. I won't be able to reinstall this to go back to stock but I'm not concerned about that. And if I did need to I could glue it back in place.

I then passed the two new USBs from the HU opening between the white vent ductwork and out to the back of the cubby and installed the new plug.
View attachment 147213

Installing the new HU. Probably the easiest part. Just plugged everything in. The new harness adds quite a bit of wire bundle so you need to push it to the sides under the dash as you're sliding the radio in. Once in bolted in place and reassemble the trim pieces.

Conclusion. There is very little documentation on how any of this works so you really do need to muddle through it. It has come out really nice and wasn't that challenging. I spent a few nights after work to finish. I am now able to use Android auto with no problem and my wife can use her Apple carplay. I also like the fact that I can plug a USB stick into one of the accessory USB outlets and have access to music that way. I have a loaded up a stick and just leave it plugged in. You will also want to connect it to Wi-Fi if you can use your home Wi-Fi that's great if not you will have to set up a hotspot with your phone. This will allow Android to update all of the apps on the head unit itself. I will report back after I have a bit more time with the unit but so far I couldn’t be happier.

Here it is - Android Auto running in a 2019 Rav4
View attachment 147215

Any chance that you can upload pics from where the mic cable passes?
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