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Another Use for the Concealed Cargo Hold

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Smuggling!! LOL.

A friend and I on route from Canada to the US through Fort Erie, Buffalo were forced by US Customs to have my RAV and all our belongings rifled through during a 5 hour (WTF!!!) wait inspection.

When we were finally allowed to go, I lifted the rear red carpet I have in the back, opened the rear lower cargo hold and noticed the Customs agents had not been in there cuz nothing was ripped open and was exactly how I packed it. And as it was all film memorabilia bound in paper and plastic... they WOULD HAVE ripped it to shreds - like everything else - if they had seen it. Guess they didn't know the RAV has that compartment. Handy!!!!
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I had the CBSA check my vehicle too a few year ago. I was carrying lots of stuff from Walmart in that hidden compartment. I know they did not check that area as they would have to take out the 2 bikes that I had bought for my kids and they did not move them.

I strongly believe that the CBSA has access to documents showing all the storage area available to all vehicles; their officers must not have bothered to check them first.

But I had declared everything; so not really an issue.
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