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Will be picking up our Hybrid Limited with tech package on the 16th and I am seriously going to make the effort to read the owner's manual from cover to cover.

Just in case some tips/tricks aren't covered, I'd sure like to know what they? There's a sticky thread on the AWD and low speed lock but I'm sure they may be a few other tips like automatic seat position adjustment upon door opening that may not be discussed in length.

Even if already discussed in the owner's manual, I don't mind finding out about intriguing and cool features so I can start with them.

Our latest car, a 2011 Accord only had electronic stability control and bluetooth for phone pairing so I didn't bother reading the owner's manual, except for those few features. I'm usually the type who would read the operational manual except for the last M4/3 camera I had. :)

Many thanks in advace,
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