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I have an AWD 2002 Rav4. Had a non-repairable engine failure. After pricing a replacement motor, I have no interest in the vehicle. Its Black and Silver, very clean inside and out! No Rust, One owner, non-smoker. I'll sell the complete rolling chassis for $250 - no drivetrain.

The ECM & engine / trans harness as a bundle, $100. There are no wire cuts or broken tabs on the comnectors, they are flawless and marked for re-install

The transmission, torque convertor, flex plate, trans axle, CV shafts and driveshaft as bundle for $400.

Has a good starter and alternator too. $25ea.

Header w/ convertors and all (4) O2'S as a bundle $125.

Shoot me an email through the forum if you're local & can use any of this stuff. I'm loading it up for the scrap yard on 9/25. I need the space in my shop for other projects.

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