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Back in 2004, my brother leased a 2004 Toyota Rav-4 in Silver. It is a base model with a manual transmission and front wheel drive.

In 2006 he took his own life, about 3 weeks after my birthday that year. My brother was never a huge car nut, but the Rav-4 was special to him, he had finished school, had recently gotten a higher paying job, and wanted to treat himself. So, he leased the Rav-4 and with a manual transmission, because he had never owned a car with a manual before.

He loved that car, him and I spent some very important time together in that car, discussing things brothers do, and him offering guidance about what it is I want to do professionally, words of advice that, looking back on are what made me who I am today.
Recently my mother and I were discussing my brother, and she brought up the Rav-4. I desperately wanted to buy the car out in 2006 when it came into my mother's possession for a short time, but being in college and having no documented income, nobody would give me a loan, this probably was for the best given that it would have been an absolute struggle for me to afford it. I was heart broken watching the repossession company come and take it away. It dawned on me that now the car is over 10 years old, presumably higher mileage, maybe even broken in some way; I could probably acquire it very inexpensively.

I have found the VIN, which I understand is the hard part. However, with paid resources, such as CarFax, it has lead me to the north side of Chicago as where the car currently resides, and with surprisingly low (documented) mileage. It would be very special to me if someone knew of any resources that could help me track down the car, it is special to me, and I think it would make my mother happy to know it was in my possession.

It was last serviced at North Side Toyota/Scion at the end of 2015 in Chicago. But the CarFax shows the registration was renewed at the beginning of 2016, so I have to assume that it might still be in good running order.

Feel free to private message me
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