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Had a 2002 AWD CRV, loved it, had a 1500 lb tow rating.
Bought a 2000 lb boat package, sold the CRV to pull it with a.....
2001 Isuzu Rodeo V6 4WD, with 205 hp and 4500 lb. tow rating. It does okay, but not great.

The RAV4 V6 is rated for 3500 pound towing and the torque and HP figures blow the Isuzu out of the water....HOWEVER both figures peak at higher rpm in the RAV4 than the Zoo.

SO, how does the RAV4 V6 feel? Does it need to wind up or does it have the power at the low end?

How will or does it tow a pretty good sized boat?

Either I find someone with a V6 in SEMO or S. Ill who can tow my boat around for me (I'll guide on a good night of crappie fishing in Xchange!) OR I'll have to test drive a brand new V6 and hook my boat up, just to tell.

thanks for any input.

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