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Anyone else kind of excited about a hybrid and/or EV Tacoma?

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I'm looking for a small(ish) truck with good fuel economy. I currently have a deposit down on a Ford Maverick hybrid but that is very unlikely to happen in 2023 so I'll probably be getting that deposit back sometime this year.

The Tacoma is maybe a little bigger than I'd like and I don't need a "real" truck like the Tacoma but if the R4P is any indicator a hybrid Tacoma could be pretty awesome.
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There is also talk of a unibody Rav4 variant truck if you don't need a body on frame truck.

I suspect the Tacoma Hybrid will come with the Hybrid Max system, just a hunch.
That would be pretty cool too.
The Hybrid Tacoma will have the turbo 2.4 so it's not going to be about MPG's, more about power.
Personally I would like to see a variant of the current hybrid system that is used on the Hylander/Sienna used on the Tacoma that will provide 245hp, but I suspect the hybrid max system will be used which is not as efficient but does 345HP. Perhaps both systems will be offered?
A Tacoma plug in hybrid with the current system would be the ultimate overlander! I suspect a plug-in version is a few years away, possibly a year or two for non-plug in hybrid.
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