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Anyone knows Production Schedule?

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my RAV4 Hybrid is on the way but the paper work showed the production scheduled is 1/30/2016.
I'm told it would be sooner since I already have the VIN number, dealer doesn't know when it will arrive. I'm hoping before 1/30 but is that realistic?
Dealer said once it gets the VIN number which means the production already started and it's already passed the paint process.

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Up here in Ontario (Canada), I was in for a visit and the hybrids are on a 6-week back order as they are currently only being built in Japan.
are you in the GTA? we were probably the first to get ours...i must have called 40 dealerships and got lucky with one available in st catharines. We picked it up in the 2nd week of december
We are in Toronto and wanted specifically the blue Limited with Technology Package but those are few and far between. IIRC, there might be one in Midland, Ontario as of January 9, but it wasn't the interior colour (cinnamon) we wanted so we will be getting ours from Japan. We also were told 6 weeks.

I'm quite OK with that. When I bought my first hybrid back in 2001, the wait lists were 6 months or longer.
I just placed an order for mine. They said it would take 12 weeks. Or less, if they happen to find exactly what I ordered somewhere nearby.
WHAT?!? :frown :surprise
Yuppp. And they did nothing to sell me the car. I had to almost beg for a test drive, and they didn't even have a hybrid for me to try. Then they made it really unclear my options regarding ordering one versus hoping a similar one randomly becomes available. At least they didn't require a deposit, as they said via email they needed. And they said they could give me 2 weeks advance notice when they know for sure the arrival date.
Well, if they don't have one, they don't have one. Our dealer had ordered one, but didn't have one yet either, so we couldn't test drive it either. We had test driven the gas LE model though, and the sizing was basically the same, and that was the most important to us so we ordered.

As for the options, I didn't find it confusing, but that's because in Canada there is only one option package anyway, which is the Technology Package. Furthermore, it is only available on the Limited. In Canada, there is no convenience package (or cargo net package) on the XLE. It's just XLE standard, Limited standard, and Limited with Technology

They had originally told us 4-6 weeks when we ordered 2 weeks ago (emphasizing the 6 weeks), but when we called back last week they didn't have any estimate for us, which makes me wonder it's going to be longer than 2 months.

If it is longer than 2 months, then we'll probably just get winter tires (and maybe the winter mats) next winter.


I just checked out the website for the US. The layout is terrible for comparing the options packages. Confusing.
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End of the month is a week from now. Maybe there is one available locally? Let us know what happens. Good luck.

P.S. Welcome!
Wow. Quick and lucky for you. Which interior and exterior colours did you get Boldygo?

When we checked weeks ago, there was probably a Limited with Tech with the black interior in Midland, and I can't remember the exterior colour, but in any case it was not what we wanted so we did a custom order.
We are getting the Cinnamon sight unseen. :eek: My wife liked the pictures for the Cinnamon so that's what's she getting but we've never seen it in real life. It's her car though so her choice is the final one, and I kinda like it in the pictures too actually. And hey, it's a new option, only available in 2016 or later. ;) Maybe it's like the Rose Gold in the new iPhone. People got just because it's new.

That said, had it been me, I might have just gone with the "safer" plain black interior. The nutmeg is not available in Canada on any of the RAV4 hybrids actually so I didn't even know it was available elsewhere, but I'm not a fan of it anyway.

BTW, what makes Blizzard Pearl a premium paint? I have it on my Prius Plug-in but it wasn't by choice. I bought it used, and that's just what it happened to have.
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The picture above is not this year's cinnamon. Attached is from the Toyota website is like what we drove a few weeks ago.
I like them both, so it's probably not a huge issue for us, but I am getting conflicting reports on this.

Several early reviews have the cinnamon interior as being mostly cinnamon with some black, but some people who have actually gotten 2016 models are getting mostly black with some cinnamon.

This includes this post in another thread here:

I have the cinnamon interior in my 2016 SE. It's actually very nice, and I get compliments on it all the time. The 'cinnamon' color is a saddle tan, but photos seem to show it a bit more orange than it really is. Here is a picture the day I first looked at the actual car I wound up buying. As you can see, it's not the whole seat with the cinnamon color, but mostly trim. I have seen pictures of the cinnamon with the colors reversed on

Yeah, I was wondering about that. Thanks for confirming it.

Unfortunately, it's not shown anywhere on the Canadian website for any of the colours. Irritating. However, now I see it is available on the US site. Cinnamon for the Limited Hybrid's SofTek appears to be mostly Cinnamon, with less black.

What's interesting though is that on the US site, the Electric Storm Blue comes in only Black or Ash. There is no option for Cinnamon or Nutmeg.

On the Canadian site, the Electric Storm Blue comes in only Black or Cinnamon. In fact, none of the Canadian RAV4 Hybrids have Ash or Nutmeg. The only two options are Black or Cinnamon.

On the US site, there is no Cinnamon at all for any of the XLE Hybrids. The only colour options are Black, Ash, or Nutmeg, all fabric.

Colour choices are again different for the XLE and Limited gas models. For the SE gas model, the Cinnamon is available, but it is mostly black with less Cinnamon.

So now I know. I think I prefer the SE's Cinnamon to the Limited Hybrid's Cinnamon, but both are decent so I don't mind. And like I said, it's my wife's car so it wasn't my decision anyway. ;) And that's assuming the Canadian colours are like the US ones. That isn't guaranteed either. As mentioned, you can't even get Cinnamon in an Electric Storm Blue Limited Hybrid in the US, but Cinnamon / Electric Storm Blue is what we ordered in Canada.
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That's true for the gas model but the Hybrid does offer cinnamon.
I tried configuring an Electric Storm Blue Limited Hybrid on the US site, but the Cinnamon option disappears. Only options are Ash and Black.

Cinnamon is available for the Black Sand Pearl, Magnetic Grey Metallic, Classic Silver Metallic, and Blizzard Pearl. Only Electric Storm Blue deletes that Cinnamon interior option.

BTW, Blizzard Pearl is a US$395 premium in the US. In Canada, it is CAD$255, which is about US$181, or less than half the US price.

Also, despite the huge drop in the Canadian dollar, Toyota hasn't really increased the Canadian pricing all that much. The Canadian fully tricked out Hybrid Limited with Tech Package is CAD$40940, which is about US$29140. In the US, it's US$36020, or about CAD$50610. Ouch!
Pix look good, esp. the colour in the last one.

I don't know what Monronie means though...
Ah ok thanks.

So is Cinnamon really just another name for Terra Cotta for Toyota, or is it actually a darker shade?
I'd be happy with the black but we ordered the Cinnamon.

BTW, even though we ordered just three weeks ago, our Hybrid Limited has arrived at the dealer. We'll pick it up on Monday, just in time to get our Aeroplan points with the car purchase. This Canadian Aeroplan points deal ends on Monday (although I don't know if they'll renew it for February).
I'd be happy with the black but we ordered the Cinnamon.

BTW, even though we ordered just three weeks ago, our Hybrid Limited has arrived at the dealer. We'll pick it up on Monday, just in time to get our Aeroplan points with the car purchase. This Canadian Aeroplan points deal ends on Monday (although I don't know if they'll renew it for February).

Cinnamon looks great. I really like it. I'm very happy we chose this interior. More interesting than the only other option we had too, which was just Black.

And yes, 3 weeks for this custom Electric Storm Blue + Cinnamon Limited Hybrid with Technology Package order, from Japan. (JT VIN.) Impressive.

The sales guy wasn't there today, but when we ordered he did predict it would take 4-6 weeks, but said it could be faster if they could modify their existing XLE order in the queue. I wonder if that was what happened, making it so quick. AFAIK, the cars from Japan usually land in Vancouver, and I'm in Toronto, which is 4400 km away.
I would guess the car was already built and in transit when it was claimed.
You mean claimed/traded from another dealer or something (while en route)?

I guess that would explain the impressive 3 week delivery time.

This is the combination my wife wants. Is it possible to get a picture of the interior with some of the exterior visible? She's wondering how the cinnamon will look against the blue. We haven't seen the combination on a dealer lot yet. If you could do that, it would be great. Thanks.
Sorry for the poor picture. It was taken at the end of the day when it was getting dark out. We haven't had time to actually drive the new car in the daytime. Our commute and kid ferry car has still been our Prius Plug-in and we leave when it's dark in the morning and return when it's dark in the evening. Ugh.

I think the combo looks good. Luckily you don't live in New York, because you can't order that combo there.


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That's great then. That allowed us to claim a whole bunch of travel points through Toyota Canada and Aeroplan, enough for a short haul flight, before the deadline of the promotion. Had it been just a couple of days later, we would have lost those points. So, basically a bonus of the equivalent of a couple of hundred CanuckBux.
Ouch! Three months? That steel plant explosion definitely is affecting the Hybrid output significantly.
Wow I guess we got lucky with our order. Placed it on Jan.9th for the LTD HYBRID TECH Blizzard Pearl with Cinnamon interior and picked it up on Jan.30th.
Did you take advantage of the Aeroplan points deal? If so, have you gotten the points yet?
Here she is behind our 2012 Prius Plug-in. Looks way more aggressive.

Still has her all-seasons on, but as you can see in the picture, it's kind of appropriate this week. Today hit 15.5 C, which is all time record for the month of February in Toronto. Feels like spring, and looks like it too.

We have some aluminum alloy 17" rims on order though, with 215/65R17 X-Ice i3 winter tires at the shop ready and waiting to be put on.


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