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Anyone knows Production Schedule?

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my RAV4 Hybrid is on the way but the paper work showed the production scheduled is 1/30/2016.
I'm told it would be sooner since I already have the VIN number, dealer doesn't know when it will arrive. I'm hoping before 1/30 but is that realistic?
Dealer said once it gets the VIN number which means the production already started and it's already passed the paint process.

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When I use the Toyota web site to "check Inventory," it says that my local dealership has tons of RAV4 Hybrids. But I know they don't. So, the web site lies and just wants you to go to the dealer.
The dealer has their own web site, which will be the most accurate. At least within a day or two. can be off by a week or more.
My Blizzard/Nutmeg Limited is supposed to hit the dock this week. They tell me another 2-3 weeks after that to get it here.

I agree about the Cinnamon, its kind of odd looking.

There's a Limited around here somewhere, metallic grey, that was supposedly damaged in transport. Still waiting to find out what that means, the dealer said its all in Toyota's hands and could be tied up for weeks at the transport lot.
BTW, what makes Blizzard Pearl a premium paint? I have it on my Prius Plug-in but it wasn't by choice. I bought it used, and that's just what it happened to have.
Its a base coat - clear coat finish. More expensive to make.
The SE, XLE and Limited are different, cosmetically, inside and out. There's also a variation where only the edges are colored, and another with colored stitching.
I ordered a Ltd, ATP in Blue/Cinnamon back in mid-Jan. Checked on status and the sales manager at the dealer here in San Antonio said it was a full custom order. I don't get that because you can build the same config on Toyota's website. He said that it would probably be April/May delivery! :frown I hope his information is wrong, because that sounds way too long.

The Gulf states region usually only has two or three Ltd's showing up in inventory (since I've been checking almost daily since early Jan).
At least you have some. In the entire state of NM there hasn't been a single hybrid for a couple weeks and none on the horizon. My Limited has been sitting on the docks in L.A. since last week with no movement. Colorado has had plenty, as has Arizona and they are mostly Limited. Maybe you need to get on the phone?
That's false. I don't know who told you that but my friend is a Sales Manager for Toyota and he told me last week there was at least 1 in NM on a dealer lot. Because I was contemplating driving from San Antonio to get it.
There was one super white XLE for about 48 hrs. You would have wasted a trip. Seriously, don't believe anything that you're not looking at in person. The online inventories are not reliable. Being a sales manager doesn't give you super powers. Unless you're talking to someone who is actually LOOKING at the car, its not there.
It was a limited model. Being a SM does give you access to realtime sales inventory systems. Any joe blow can go to the Toyota website and find stock. That's not accurate.
If you say so....:rolleyes:

I've actually been on the lots. It wasn't there. There is one showing for one dealer, but its being held for damage assessment at the shipping yard and nobody has seen it.
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