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Anyone knows Production Schedule?

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my RAV4 Hybrid is on the way but the paper work showed the production scheduled is 1/30/2016.
I'm told it would be sooner since I already have the VIN number, dealer doesn't know when it will arrive. I'm hoping before 1/30 but is that realistic?
Dealer said once it gets the VIN number which means the production already started and it's already passed the paint process.

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Hey Congrats! My wife just picked up hers on Saturday, almost the same as yours just with Cinnamon interior! Did they give you any discount off MSRP?
Also wondering why you would change out interior lights with LED?
I ordered a Ltd, ATP in Blue/Cinnamon back in mid-Jan. Checked on status and the sales manager at the dealer here in San Antonio said it was a full custom order. I don't get that because you can build the same config on Toyota's website. He said that it would probably be April/May delivery! :frown I hope his information is wrong, because that sounds way too long.

The Gulf states region usually only has two or three Ltd's showing up in inventory (since I've been checking almost daily since early Jan).
Wow I guess we got lucky with our order. Placed it on Jan.9th for the LTD HYBRID TECH Blizzard Pearl with Cinnamon interior and picked it up on Jan.30th. They said when we placed the order that it was on the train from Vancouver to Toronto, they also mention that now the wait time is 3 months.
Did you take advantage of the Aeroplan points deal? If so, have you gotten the points yet?
Yes I did give my Aeroplan number to them and checked a few days ago to see if they where there yet but nope. Talked to sales guy and he said Toyota head office submits to Aeroplan so it can take up to 4 weeks to see them, wish it was faster...need a vacation already!!
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