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Anyone with a 2023 model know what these two mileage numbers indicate on the digital cluster?

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Hi all,

I don't have access to our vehicle (which has the owner's manual in the glove department) and I don't think Toyota released a digital 2023 manual yet (I don't see it in the Toyota app anyway).

Sorry about the glare in this photo - but I put a red & purple box around the two mileage numbers that I am confused about:
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I am assuming the top number ("2 mi") means the total EV range left, but what does the bottom ("4 mi") number indicate?

Would love come guidance if anyone has an idea or can access their manual to look it up for me. I asked my dealership, but so far they haven't send me a response back either, so they might not know.


~ im2bz2p345 :)
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