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Have you ever thought about replacing your factory dull headlights with aftermarket set, that will make your Toyota RAV4 stand out from the rest? If so, Anzo headlights is exactly what you're looking for. Their U-Bar Headlights with LEDs were designed for those, who are looking for the perfection and functionality.

They provide a better light output and sharper, more focused beam of light for safer driving. Plug-and-play design lets you install them in less then an hour. Available in Chrome and Black, Anzo headlights feature an awesome U-shape design that gives them more aggressive and unique look then traditional round headlamps.

Anzo® - Black U-Bar Projector Headlights with LEDs

Anzo® - Chrome U-Bar Projector Headlights with LEDs

Look no further and equip your Toyota RAV4 with stylish and reliable set of Anzo U-Bar headlights!
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