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Just curious if anyone is tracking how fast these babies are being sold. My obsessive/compulsiveness has me tracking some of the dealers' inventory in So. Cal. :wink:

One deealer in San Diego had 4 base 4-cyl and 1 2WD sport last week. They sold the sport and 2 of the base this weekend. :shock:

One in LA area had 4 base, 1 limited last week. They sold 2 base last weekend.
If anyone if looking for the 2WD Limited in Pacific Blue with package B options, Carson Toyota got one in last week.

The inventory of 2 dealers in Orange County have not changed based on their website. Unfortunately, I can't really track inventory for those who don't make their inventory available on the websites.

Got a Rav 4 L today invoice + $300.00. Never even drove it went in with my girlfriend she liked it went across the street got a check from the bank and she was driving off in 1 hour 15 min. I will try it tomorrow.
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