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Are all interior fuses HOT?

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So I have scoured the web for hours tonight and can't seem to find an answer on this one. It is raining here or I would just go outside and pop out every single one and use a multimeter to find out.

Why do I ask - I want to pop in an "add a fuse" splitter thing and I want it to turn on when the car turns on. Not be on 24/7. This will be the signal used to turn an amp on.

Question - Are all of the fuses by the drivers left leg HOT? Even when the car is off? It seems most of them are :( so there must be a relay linked up to the ignition after the fuse box. But are all of them this way? I think I tested the power outlets and moon roof.

I am putzing around in a 2014 AWD LE.

I cut my wire with the assumption that the fuse box had one that wasn't always hot, so I am trying to stick to plan an not have a bunch of pieces of wire spliced together.

Thanks in advance
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Instead of pouring thru diagrams I simply use a 12V test light and turn the ignition on and off to find a fuse that does what I want. I just did it on my '01 F250 to power my GPS and XM from under the dash instead of cords strung across the dash to the 12V outlets. Then I found a circuit inside the driver's door that was hot-on-run and connected a micro-usb charger to it for my phone that I mount by the door latch/window control buttons. Saved another cord across the dash.

And even if you had your fuse number answer you'd have to test it the same way with a light or meter.
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