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Are Rav Brakes still noisy?

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My wife purchased a new Rav4 LE IN 2018, and she'd like to upgrade in the next year or so. We're Toyota fans; and have been very happy with the Rav, except... the front brake grind. My wife HATES it, and It would be an absolute deal-breaker on a new purchase. Has anyone experienced noisy brakes on the current generation? And what about the hybrid? We're not looking to make a purchase until our daughter starts driving in a year or two; but We're trying to do our research now because if a new Rav isn't an option, we have no idea what else will even be on the market in a year.

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absolutely no noise from my brakes at all * (2022 hybrid)

*except, if I engage electronic parking brake while moving forward they make a sort of chugging sounds,
I've only done this at walking speeds 1-4 mph. this is the only exception, otherwise brakes are silent. >13,000 miles, still silent.

** if I let my rotors rust (basically don't drive for a few days) there is a slight one-time rubbing noise upon first brake use
but all cars do this when rotors are slightly rusted
My wife's '21 Off Road is silent. Other than the electric parking brake when it operates.

What brand pads were you running on the '18? Some aftermarket pads are just noisy. They have a high metallic content and tent to have a grind sound.
Thanks for the replies. All we have ever run are the OEM pads or upgraded ceramic from the dealership, and the front brakes always squeal & grind at lower speeds. The techs at the dealership have told us it's a well-known engineering flaw but there's no fix, and they've washed their hands of it.
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