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ASC Sunroof Glass - 1997 4 -door

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I know it is a long shot, but I am looking for a replacement glass OR part number and dimensions information for our 1997 4 door with the aftermarket/dealer installed ASC sunroof. The controls are this style. The old glass is GONE...not a funny story. Any information such as dimensions and part numbers printed on your glass will potentially help me track down a replacement, I hope. THANKS
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if the mfg does not have an replacement glass.
you might contact a good local glass guy.

they may be able to order something.

most of the glass is safety glass and has tint and a curve to it.

if the curve is not too radical, the glass guys can cut down a glass that is close to the exact size on your frame.
but be ready for a real bill.
custom glass does cost real cash.
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