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Kelly Smith said:
Some helpful tips can be found near the bottom of this page --->

Thanks for the pointer. I knew it was somewhere. Unfortunately it covers the 4.1 version of the RAV4 and the original poster and I have 4.2's.

I would be very interested in, and appreciative of seeing any links or information you can provide about how to disassemble the stereo console in a 4.2 so I can slide in my new Scion 1804. Plugging in cables is easy. Pulling off fragile looking plastic is scary.


[edit : I just found this great page

Which describes how to remove the stereo and speakers on a 2001 - 2003 (presumably the 2000 is the same) but my 2005 doesn't HAVE the cute hand helpful little screws on the cover plate, so I'm still looking. Any help would be appreciated]
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