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Hi all,

I'm happy to be a new owner of a 2011 Rav4 Base in Dark Green, and glad to join a forum of, I'm sure very helpful people!

I drove the car up from LA to SF over Labour Day weekend, and the stereo worked perfect with Aux and also regular radio. However as we stopped for gas, I went to turn the car on and there was no sound from the speakers. The HU powered up fine and all the channels seem to show up fine, I checked the sound settings, nothing seemed off.. balance, fade, bass. From what I can tell it seems to be a speaker issue, not a HU issue.

Yesterday and today, when I'd turn the car on or electrics only, there would be audio coming from the speakers for about 2-3 seconds, then they'd cut out. HU again seems fine. I've searched for an answer, and havent been able to figure out what's going on, hopefully some of you have some ideas!

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