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Well it's done, stock audio sucked so I went and changed 'er up!

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single DIN mp3/cd head unit 50Wx4 pre-amp (Firstline).

4 TS- A1711 3 way door speakers, 220W max (Pioneer).

1 Kickass amp by Eybrid (6y600), 6 channels, 4x100W RMS (doors), 2x 150W RMS combined to 300+W RMS itno the one sub. Automatic protection system and a phone line conection for sub volume control from the driver's seat (don't want to blow my dog's eardrums out!).

1 12" TS-SW124D super low profile sub woofer, 1200W max (Pioneer) in a ported box with quick release system for easy removal.



ok, so it's nowhere near a competition system, but then again, you can't actualy drive around with a competition system kranked now can you? This sounds AWESOME, the base hits clean and clear and hard, and the door speakers are picking up the mids and highs perfectly. The whole system was set up by a shop near me that is into competitions, in the tuning magazines over here in Europe, he's usualy got at least 3 vehicles showcased per issue (monthly). I would judge my listening tastes as much louder than the average person, and even I won't be driving around much with this set-up at full power, probably never actualy... so for anyone thinking of investing 1000's of $ on an insane system..... ok, bragging rights I guess, but you don't need to go THAT big to have a system that is already TOO big, y'know what I mean?? Overkill.

Anyways, it sounds great and I'm happy which is the most important thing..... now I have to find some double sided weatherstripping style foam to put between my liscence plate and the plate frame..... NASTY VIBRATIONS coming from there, nowhere else though so that's kewl!


Update: used double-sided fibrous carpet laying tape to tape the liscense plate to the back of the plate frame.... no more nasty vibrations, Giddy-up!
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